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Why Us?

Google Guarantee

We guarantee first page Google rankings within 3 months or we work for free. This ensures that you are opting into a smart risk-free decision that will deliver a strong ROI within a few months and well beyond. We only work with lucrative keywords that will bring you sales.

Competitive SEO Prices

SEOJuice realises that many businesses have a limited advertising spend, which is why our prices are much better than many other businesses offering the exact same or similar services. We keep costs low by building our own network and doing all work in house, no outsourcing costs.

Regular Reporting

Upon signing up you receive an initial keyword rankings report showing your current positioning. From there we send regular reports on the work completed over each month and a comparative rankings report, which shows exactly how grow local marketing SEO is performing for your site.

In-House Team

In todays SEO climate it is absolutely imperative that all SEO work such as backlinks, content, social media, etc. is of top quality and completely related to your business. This is why we work with an in-house SEO team. Outsourcing SEO overseas is a risky business.

Search Engine Safe

Our procedures are based on ethical principals, we are working towards the same goal as Google. The advantage of this is that you benefit from stable rankings and the piece of mind that your business is safe from any penalties due to Panda, Penguin, or Pigeon updates.

Our Guarantee to You

We guarantee that within 3 months you will be on the first page of Google for high traffic keyword(s) that have been agreed on at the start of the campaign.

This will result in increased web traffic and sales/conversions on your website.

If we do not achieve first page results for you within 3 months we will continue to work for free for up to another 3 months or until the guarantee is met.

The guarantee can only be made when we have control of all variables (website admin access, ftp or cpanel access, and administration rights to all Google services).



Customer Testimonials

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