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Grow Local Marketing is an SEO and Marketing Firm, headquartered in Providence, RI. The firm specializes in organic search engine optimization services to facilitate targeted rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing for keywords or relevant industry-specific key phrases for businesses of all sizes.

Their dedicated team of professionals is made of executives and management from a variety of industries and experiences to provide the best synergy and scope to their client’s campaigns. What sets Grow Local Marketing apart is their approach and the results they deliver, with a combine experience over 10 years in the field of internet marketing and SEO.

The firm employs ethical white-hat SEO best practices and utilizes the latest research and strategic analysis to provide clients with effective organic search engine placement. This not only provides results, but also aims for sustainability, dependent on shifts in search engine algorithms. Their customers find comfort in knowing that their SEO provider is looking to the future for strategies which will keep them at the top of search engines for years to come.

Grow Local Marketing caters to customers in an array of industries. A few industries of expertise include:


Real Estate





Information Technology

Sports and Recreation


Home Improvement


Process Engineering

Aero Space

Consumer Goods

Career Services

No matter the industry, Grow Local Marketing is able to produce consistent high ranking search engine positions for multiple keywords to drive traffic, increase link popularity and improve online visibility.

Grow Local Marketing specific service offerings include: link building services, custom SEO , custom SEO web design, custom web development, social media, traffic generation, and analytics making them a full-service SEO Firm.

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